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We help you to find and connect with IT experts in the areas of security, data, and cloud.

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About Proteqt

Proteqt was founded through years of knowledge, experience, and expertise and as a response to the increasing need for specialised data, information, cloud, and security experts. These specialities in the tech sectors are niche, yet they are becoming increasingly more important for a healthy digital society. We are here to help to find you the best professionals, or the best organisation, to help protect your career.


'We consult, advise, and most importantly, connect organisations to the best experts'

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Our story

The tech sector is quite unique because it envelops not only IT professionals, but also policymakers, officers, and consultants. It is a niche and specialised market with its own unique challenges and opportunities. Proteqt is your tech partner to help you find the best experts and professionals for your organisation.

Our values

We take our time

We take our time to get to know you, whether you are a candidate or an organisation. We take our time to evaluate the profile, the team, and the skills and ambitions of each and every candidate. We do not rush our process but invest in long-term relationships, to create great futures.

We are transparent

Finding a new job or finding a new colleague is intense enough without any surprises during the hiring process. We, therefore, openly discuss our process beforehand. At Proteqt, we are transparent because we want to set the right expectations for our clients and candidates.

We are experts

The tech sector is constantly evolving. The cleverer policies, defences, and security get, the more innovative possible threats get. We believe that it is essential to stay on top of the latest news and developments and stay experts in our field, to create a competitive advantage.

Our team

Our team of consultants and resourcers are all dedicated to helping our clients and candidates find the perfect match. We do this by thoroughly getting to know you, your wishes, needs, and ambitions. We believe in long-term partnerships based on trust. Proteqt recruits talent worldwide and aims to find the perfect match for any company that is looking for serious skill. Want to meet our people?

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